Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Free tomatoes

Last year I bought a punnet of the sweetest tasting tiny plum tomatoes that I have ever eaten.  I scraped some of the seeds from one of the tomatoes and spread them out to dry on a piece of kitchen paper.   I planted them this year and every single one of them sprouted.  I assumed that they would be quite small plants so dotted them about in the border at the front of my house...... they grew and grew and grew.  They kind of spread out like an alien and were a source of much amusement to anyone who happened to walk past .  Why?????? Because I had the most enormous crop of tomatoes that any of my neighbours had seen.   I had expected some neat little plants with tiny plum tomatoes.  What I got was an invasion of the spreading tomato plants. They are very very tasty and quite a bit larger than a two pence piece but not a single plum tomato among them.  Two of the plants were horrible with nasty bitter tomatoes so i pulled them  out and chucked them on the compost bin.  I have picked and picked sweet juicy tomatoes for many weeks now but the weather is turning colder so this morning I took half of the tomatoes off the plants. I plan to find some nice salsa recipes and will have a bottling session after lunch today. I intend to leave the rest of the tomatoes to develop on the plants for a week or two more unless it turns really cold. 

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  1. Wow looks like a triffid lol. Enjoy your harvest :-)