Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Friday, 22 August 2014

Upcycled envelopes

The photo is a little blurry but seeing as how I am supposed to be packing to go on holiday it is the best you will get today. I wasn't even planning on crafting today cos I had the conservatory to clean (dig out) :-(  I do keep telling myself that I wont craft in there but it is so sunny and warm that I kind of just end up in there beading or knitting or sewing or..... well actually the list is endless so I will stop now. It wouldn't be too bad if I could only put it all away before I start another totally different project. I can hardly move in Le Crafterie (again) but it will have to wait until I come back from Austria before it will emerge from under all my 'stuff' (no such thing as rubbish)  :-) Anyway, I am wittering again so I will just say......  ' waddya think of my upcycled envelopes'?.  I bought a gorgeous new die for my Big Shot and it surpassed any of my expectations. I can't wait till I get some lovely red envelopes cos they will make a stunning Christmas (eeeek I said that word) centrepiece.  They are slightly smaller than a digestive biscuit but bigger than an Oreo (for those who don't buy digestives)  :-)

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  1. Wow the paper flowers are just beautiful! I can see them dressing up some special gifts.