Cherie K29 August 2018 at 03:38

Booklets and brochures and magazine pages

Paper backed novels that simply take ages

Of time from the housework that I should be doing

Or Knitting or crafting and sticking and glueing

Cookery books with beautiful pictures

Home style books with fittings and fixtures

Cheap little novels to read while in bed

Encyclopedias to fill up my head

With knowledge and all kinds of strange information

Or free newspapers to read at the station

While waiting for trains in all kinds of weather

But best of all books that are bound up in leather



A pond, a lawn a flower border
A stash to please the hoardiest hoarder
A little tank of baby fish
A favourite homecooked tasty dish
Pretty twinkling coloured lights
A star filled sky on summer nights
The things of home are much loved treasures
To fill my hours with crafting pleasures

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