Losing a stone by Christmas

I am not putting this page on my main blog as I know it could be a little boring for people.  This is simply to motivate myself and keep track of what I am eating.  I will probably update every day for a week or so but then I will update it often.

Week 6 day 2
The pain in my hip has curtailed my long walks so unfortunately the weight isn't falling off me the way I had hoped it would.  I haven't gained any though so that has got to be a good thing.  I need to reduce the amount of calories that I am eating if I am to lose any weight and that shouldn't be too difficult. I have stopped buying crisps and very seldom buy biscuits.  Occasionally we have a chocolate binge but it isn't a regular thing.
I just need to find a way to exercise without aggravating the hip. I am sure I can do that with the help of my physio therapist

Week 3 day 4...…

I have just had my 'healthy heart' check at the doctors and discovered to my delight that I weigh 9st 8lb and not 9st 13lb...…. This is not a massive overnight weight loss… My scales are obviously out. That means that I only need to lose another 6lbs by the first week of December to reach my goal of 9st.
I have given up eating bran flakes after seeing how much sugar is in the blimmin things. They taste like cardboard so how can they be full of sugar. I am now eating oats and chia. This is the recipe I made up yesterday. I will adapt it to use other fruits as I see fit.

1 cup of rolled oats
1 tablespoon of chia seeds
2 teaspoons of cocoa
small handful of raisins.
small spoon of honey

Mix it all together in a bowl and leave overnight to soak... This made two generous portions so Tony took some to work for his breakfast. He rang me to say that they were delicious.

I haven't stated just how much milk as in truth I am not sure.  I didn't measure it last night when I was making it. I will make some more tonight and measure out the milk.

Week 3 day 3

Weight... 9st 13lb.... The poorly hip meant I wasn't able to exercise as much as I had.  I am now able to walk again so hopefully I will start to drop a few pounds over the next couple of months

Week 2 day 1

Weight.. 9st 12lb 2 0z
Week 1 day 3

30g Asda Bran flakes with a few raisins and a teaspoon of ground flax seeds and a teaspoon of sesame seeds.

I stir fried a diced onion, half a courgette diced a good sprinkle of turmeric and black pepper then cracked an egg into the pan. I stir fried the egg into the veg  mix..... Even though I left out the bacon and sweetcorn it was still really tasty.

Week 1. Day 2.

Yesterday because I am making a note of what I eat throughout the day I was suddenly made aware of how often I reach for a snack. (I didn't succumb to temptation). In fairness though it is usually fruit or almonds that I choose. Tony and I did miss having a little bit of supper and mentioned it when we went to bed.  I said that I had been tempted to make us both a slice   two slices of toast before bed. He admitted that he had noticed the lack of an evening snack... it has clearly become a habit which we need to break. I drank loads of water and plan to do the same today. Each time I feel a hunger pang I shall drink a glass of water. It is just a shame that the weather isn't very nice today as I could have gone outside and pottered in the garden... Anything to keep me away from the kitchen.  I had arthritis diagnosed yesterday so am even more determined to lose a stone as it will help take the pressure off my joints.  The physio has given me some exercises to strengthen the muscles in my hip. Tony and I are both going to do them twice each day.

30g Asda Bran flakes with a few raisins and a teaspoon of ground flax seeds and a teaspoon of sesame seeds.

I stir fried a diced onion, half a courgette diced and two slices of bacon which I snipped into little pieces. Then I added a couple of dessertspoons of sweetcorn added a good sprinkle of turmeric and black pepper then cracked an egg into the pan. I stir fried the egg into the veg /bacon mix..... it was really tasty.

Evening meal

I went out for tea with some friends tonight. We had steak in peppercorn sauce with chips and peas.. It was utterly delish.... I have no intention of giving up the occasional meal out with friends.

I had a few prunes and almonds during the day  and about a gazillion glasses of water

Last night I had the last of the bar of chocolate that my friend and neighbour Brian brought me to try... I was appalled to see that there are 188 calories in five pieces of the chocolate. I shall be checking calorie counts and other boring stuff from now on... I am motivated.

Week 1. Day 1

Weight 10st 1lb

30g Asda bran flakes with a few raisins and 100ml of milk

Small portion of pasta salad with a generous portion of iceberg lettuce and about 30g of diced cooked ham

Evening meal
Chicken and rice with loads of veggies and about 30g of cooked ham followed by three slices of very sweet juicy melon


  1. I lost a lot of weight last year by mindful eating and by cutting out sugar wherever possible apart from eating fruit. I had full fat organic milk and ate loads of leafy veg. I also, stupidly, cut out a lot of carbs; pasta, potatoes, bread, rice. My weight loss was rapid and I went from a size 12/10 to a size 8 within a few months. My collar bone stuck out and my skin was loose and ugly. I wouldn't advise losing weight that way even though it gave quick results..

    I now eat a healthy balanced diet and don't eliminate any food groups. My take on a 'healthy' diet and lifestyle now is:

    Cut out added sugar where possible (except for a little fruit)
    Have 3 meals a day (no snacks)
    Increase vegetables (especially green leafy ones)
    Walk daily
    Do food prep/meal planning for week in advance
    Control portion size
    Do something creative

    This is my plan anyway!

    1. Thanks Simone. I think the food prep/meal planning will be really useful. Portion size is something I am working on and I hope to cut out snacks by drinking a glass of water if I feel the need for a snack. Crisps are banned as I just wouldn't stick to one bag. I could easily munch my way through three and not even blink. We rarely buy biscuits so they won't be issue. I am absolutely determined to lose a stone. I have a wardrobe full of lovely clothes which are just a little too tight for me. Hopefully I will get to wear them again.

  2. I have lost about 50 pounds over the last year. I don’t limit my portions so much as eat loads of veggies and some fruit and beans. Breakfast is oatmeal, lunch is usually a stir fry and dinner a big salad with beans. Little bit of meat some days, and small amounts of sauce for the veg or dressing on the salad. I try not to eat between meals though I do have a piece of fruit sometimes. I eat lots but as long as you stick to low cal veggies you are good. Luckily I adore veggies!

    1. Hello Annie. That sounds pretty much like the diet that I am following. I don't plan to beat myself up if I have the occasional treat but am pretty much loading up on veggies with a little meat. I am not banning any food groups and will allow myself the occasional glass of wine or cider. It seems to be working as I have lost a little bit of weight since I started. It is early days yet but I am on the right track so far.