Friday, 14 September 2018

At long flippin last

I have spent the past two hours trying to get my printer to work. I have finally managed to suss out what I was doing wrong. Thank goodness I knew where to look and how to fix it or it might have cost me a small fortune. .  I am planning on making myself a little book of beading patterns that I can print and bind into a proper book. That way I will have it to hand whenever a little project takes my fancy.


  1. You are a techno wizard obviously! What a good idea with the book x

  2. Often when I print things out, I buy a book with the plastic pocket pages, I slot the pages in, and can change them if I want.

    1. I do that too but this time I want to make a proper book. I have some gorgeous hand made papers in my stash and many years ago did a book binding session. If I can remember the steps I can see a gorgeous book in my minds eye.