Tuesday, 3 April 2018

White Jeggings at Pep and Co.

I have just had an email from Pep and Co.  They have in stock summer coloured jeggings.  Next time I am clothes shopping I will see if they have some in my size... I am visualising adding daisies or red poppies all around the bottom and possibly on the back pockets.  My brain is ticking now. I may have to make a small satchel style denim bag to match the jeggings... That would look great for summer.... if it ever arrives.
Tony's jeans have needed altering for  months.  If I get on and shorten them I can have the off cut piece.  I plan to make a wide denim bracelet and will embroider it to match the jeggings... Or what about a denim hat band embroidered to match the jeggings...... There are loads of pretty straw sunhats available in the summer.  They don't cost much and if I make the hat band removable then I can make one to match each pair of jeggings.Oh, the possibilities are endless.

On a different note. Tony and I are working our way through all the 'stuff' in the loft and  I am having a thorough sort out of the craft room. It has become a total glory hole filled with 'stuff.  It will need a really ruthless 'chuck out' session.  I am sure that the local craft group will find a use for the fabric overflowing from my stash.  There is a huge bag of bath towels to send to the Women's Refuge. Two people do not need dozens of towels... do they????  All the plastic sweet tubs that held stash have been emptied. The contents are now properly organised in box files. If we ever get a summer, the plan is to paint them and use some of my pretty paper stash to die cut letters. I will stick them on the edge of the box files to show the contents of each file.  It should look look really pretty when I get it all finished. The plastic tubs are now in my recycle bin..... See, I can chuck things out  :-)

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  1. Embroider embroider a happy sun with his hat on the back picket and then you can truthfully say the sun shines out if it😘xxx