Thursday, 5 April 2018

What a lovely day

The sun has shone warmly and I have washed the fleece throws from the two sofas. I have line dried them and they smell all fresh and lovely.
The garden is very wet so I can't do very much out there. The ivy was starting a bit of a take over bid so it has had a good chop back.  I will be glad when the 'green waste' collecting resumes. I already have the bin full to over flowing and a huge bag of green waste in  sitting in the garden.  There isn't space in the bin for it yet. The strawberry patch has had a bit of a clear out.  Dead leaves and old plants have been removed ... roll on the drier weather because I want to move the strawberries to a different area in the garden. I am getting rid of my little veg bed. It dominates the centre of the lawn and I can grow just as much produce in the borders. It will be nice to see a lovely green lawn again. There is nothing like the smell of fresh cut grass and I love mowing the lawn when the sun is shining. Speaking of strawberries. We made the mistake of buying some from Tesco the other day. They looked beautiful.....  They were bullet hard and tasteless. Serves me right for buying summer fruit at the tail end  of winter....  The vegan meringues did work well with them though... Roll on summer and proper fresh strawberries... from my garden


  1. I made the same mistake and bought strawberries from the supermarket, like yours they were tasteless, overpriced too.

  2. That is so pretty! It would make a lovely Valentine's dessert, if you could be sure of tasty strawberries. Or perhaps a strawberry sauce made from summer's berries!

  3. I'm curious about vegan meringues. It's hard to resist out of season produce, but rarely worth it. LM x