Friday, 13 April 2018

The very annoying sock

I have finished one red, white and blue sock for Tony but have pulled it back so many times that I am really bored with it now.  I have put it to one side and made a start on knitting a pair for myself in a different colour of yarn.  The colour changes are beautiful and I am really enjoying knitting this particular pair.  Tony's second sock will have to wait until I am in the mood to knit it.
I am so thoroughly sick to death of grey skies and drizzling. Roll on a few days of blue skies and sunshine.  I can't wait to remove the netting from the garden to see if the grass seed has started to grow. It will be pretty out there once the garden is all green and lush.....if there is a garden to enjoy

The situation in Syria is really starting to concern me but I don't know the answer... In truth I don't think there is an answer.  Are we teetering on the edge of the apocalypse?  Time will tell.

My friend Val popped round for a cuppa yesterday. She has been playing with her embroidery machine and made a few sew on patches for me. Schools know me as 'Eco Arty Clarty'. Purely because  most of the crafts that I teach in school are made from recycled materials.  The embroidered  patches that Val made for me will be embellished and sewn onto my work bag and apron.



  1. I like that name Eco Arty Clarty :) I am going to aim to finish one sock I have been working on today and hoping I don't get second sock syndrome xxx

  2. Oh, that sock is beautiful! I am working on a second sock right now, too. They take a lot of time and work to finish. Your post made me appreciate the sunny weather that we have here. I hope Spring comes soon for you.

  3. The sock looks great but I know what you mean -- when your heart's not in it (or it's not a gift with a deadline) you are better off leaving it for awhile.

    Love the patches - what a great idea.