Sunday, 29 April 2018

The swan shawl pin... and sheepie

I spent most of yesterday afternoon hauling logs from the front of the house to the log store in the back garden.  When my back couldn't take any more strain I popped into my workshop and had a little practice with the scroll saw.  The swan is just made from a piece of scrap plywood but I am learning a lot by just playing with it. I don't want to cut my 'good wood' until I have practiced a whole lot more. Tony isn't sure whether he is going to the footie today. Our car is playing up and he hasn't yet heard back from the people that he car shares with. If he goes then I will spend all afternoon in the workshop. If he stays then I will be hauling more logs.... oh the hard life I lead   :-)


  1. I like the swan even better than the sheep. It is really pretty.

    1. Thanks Carol. I have many hours of practicing ahead of me but it is great fun to do.

  2. They look amazing Cherie.

  3. These are superb Cherie :-)

    p.s. I am a log hauler too lol!

  4. A heart with the pin in the shape of an arrow would look cute. Just saying.xxxx

  5. Lovely work. I'm amazed at the range of your talent!

  6. They look amazing. I feel your pain, hard work hauling logs.