Sunday, 22 April 2018

The grass seed is growing

Yesterday I walked down the garden to take a look at the grass seed which had shown no signs of sprouting... IT'S GROWING.. whoop whoop..... Not before time either as I was beginning to think I had used duff seed. This means that I can now remove the ugly netting from the middle of the lawn and just sit back and wait until I have a proper lawn. It will look lovely when it is all blended into one big lawn.
We ceilidh'd again last night.  It was such a fun evening and we met loads of new people. They had never been to a ceilidh before and I like to think they had great fun too.  Some people that go are ultra serious and huff and tut if anyone makes a mistake... We aren't like that. We think the fact that everyone should just have a great evening and will eventually learn the dances. The mistakes are part of the fun and a great way to bond a group of strangers.


  1. Grass seed does seem to take awhile to sprout, doesn't it?

    A ceilidh sounds like a very fun way to get exercise. Sometimes when I can't get out to walk I put on 70's music and dance my heart out - hah

    1. I like to dance while I dust...I do the shimmy shine..... :-) The grass now looks like it's growing while I watch. I think it is making up for lost time

  2. Glad to hear you grass is doing so well. Dancing is good for the soul...