Monday, 16 April 2018

Ouch... oh dear

Poor Alexander sent me Wattsapp photo late last.... He may have broken his ankle.  Ouch.  It seems he was at his gym class when he was attacked  (I say that tongue in cheek) by a new piece of the flooring which hadn't been properly finished.  He spent nearly two hours in A and E and has been bound up in a huge Velcro boot contraption... He has an appointment today with the orthopaedic consultant.  Oddly enough, yesterday, I was reading a fellow bloggers post and learned that her husband had fallen and broken his arm....  These things come in threes so please keep an eye on your loved ones... They just might be number three.  Alison, I hope Bernard is feeling better.  Tell him to take more water with it  :-)

I had a smashing day with Jayne yesterday. We went car booting as Jayne had so much stuff that she wanted to get rid of. The weather was really good and the crowds piled in. We managed to sell loads of her stuff and are already considering doing another some time. I only wish she had suggested it the week before as we had tons of our  own junk we could potentially have sold.  The charity shop got  ours. 


  1. Oh no! These men!!!! Hope he mends quickly xx

  2. I do miss a good car boot sale living here on the Island. Hope all is well with the ankle.