Tuesday, 3 April 2018

I'm hungry

This morning I have worked my little puddings out sorting 'stuff'. The craft room is starting to emerge from under the piles of everything that didn't have a home. Hopefully I will be able to just wander in and do a little crafting when the mood takes me. Throwing stuff away is just so liberating and will make the house move so much easier when we eventually sell up and go.
Lunch was a really yummy salad but because the avocados aren't ripe I didn't have one in the salad today. That has left me hungry and I am trying very hard to not think about food. Tea tonight will be stuffed peppers.  We got some bargain 'lamb mince'  yesterday in Tesco. It was half price on the reduced section so we picked up a few packets and chucked them in the freezer. Tony and I both love stuffed pepppers and I might just be a little generous with the mince as it was so cheap.   We are off to the pub with the carving club tonight... nothing exciting... everyone will be driving so it will be soft drinks all round.

Right....  I am heading back into the depths of the craft room....... I may be a while.


  1. Salads never fill me unless there is some protein in them, and from what I understand, avocados serve a similar purpose. May yours ripen quickly :)

    Cleaning out the craft stuff . . . ah, yes, that's in my not-too-distant future, too. It will be a job and a half. If you want to pass on whatever tricks you learn, I'm all ears.

  2. My craft space needs a good clear out, I am ever hopeful that the crafting fairies will surprise me and I will wake to a beautiful clear space.