Sunday, 8 April 2018

I am absolutely exhausted

Today I decided to remove my vegetable plot from the middle of the lawn.  The garden was a little damp but not as wet as I thought it might be and I think it may rain this week so thought it best to get on and get the job done. .  I used the boards from the veggie plot to create a much taller border beneath the hedgerow. I had to dig all the plants out from under the hedge and put all the compost/soil into it.  Then I planted the flowers back into the border and have pushed a load of gladioli bulbs deep into the border too. They should look lovely in the summer.  Moving all the compost from the veg plot was a mammoth task and I had to ask for Tony for some help. We are in the middle of having a huge sort/chuck out... No, we aren't thinking of moving before you start wondering... although, I was smitten with Llandudno and could see myself being very happy if we moved there.

I have taken some photos of the garden before and after but am too exhausted to go and get the camera.  I will share them with you tomorrow.
I am now fed and watered and have settled down with a white wine and lemonade.... I have earned it today. The Sunday roast I cooked was absolutely delicious tonight.  I studded the pork with rosemary and garlic and then just bunged it in the oven while I worked in the garden.  It cooked long and slow and proved to be the tastiest most tender piece of meat we have had in ages. I picked some beautiful purple curly kale and a cabbage from the garden.  I thought the cabbage might have been a little bitter as it was the last of last years summer cabbage.  I was planning on letting it go to seed but have dug them up today.......  it was tender and sweet.   Now I am going to curl up in front of the TV with my knitting.  The yarn is knitting up into a beautiful pattern.  It almost looks like fair isle.

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  1. Sounds like a perfect day, a glass of wine would just finish it off for me