Monday, 30 April 2018


I went for my walk with the girls this morning and came home frozen to the bone. Is it really May tomorrow?  I really fancied a curry for lunch so I made the most utterly delicious chickpea curry.  There is a portion left for my lunch on Wednesday and a portion for Tony's tea tomorrow night..... It is so yummy that I am tempted to eat the whole lot. I think I had better go out into Le Crafterie and stop looking at it. 
The cement planters are drying nicely and I can't wait to see how strong they are when I unmould them. My thought at the moment is that they may need a bit more concrete squishing onto them... Time will tell. 


  1. You have reminded me how nice chick pea curry is, we haven't had on for ages. Nice dollop of plain yoghurt and a pitta, what could be nicer. Looking forward to seeing these planters.

    1. I hadn't thought of dolloping yoghurt on...I must try that sometime

  2. It's really cold here today too. I'm glad your curry warmed you up.
    Like Briony....I am also looking forward to seeing your planters.

  3. That's the hard part of cooking something delicious - trying not to eat it all right there and then :)

  4. Hope you get some warmer weather soon. Spring is here in California, but I still wear a wool sweater and socks in the morning to walk the dogs.