Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Destashing.... again

I have just condensed a whole load of crafting junk and thrown out (recycle bin) all the plastic sweetie tubs that they were stored in. That makes fifteen tubs sorted and emptied so far.  I have my de-stashing head on again and have been busy since 07:15 this morning.. It is now 10:23 and I have stopped for a cuppa.  I feel as though I have been working for hours...I suppose I have really, but some people are only just thinking of getting out of bed now. Just look at how much you can get done if you get up early.
The weather isn't looking too promising... The sky is thunder grey and even though it is warm I am not chancing putting the laundry on the line to dry.  There isn't much to dry anyway so it might as well go on the clothes horse  (AKA Airer). The warmth in the conservatory will have it dry in no time.
Hopefully Mr Postman will deliver the scroll saw blades that I ordered the other day.  I am hoping to get out in Le Crafterie and have a play with some offcuts of wood from the garage. I have a couple of projects simmering away in my brain and now that it is starting to feel warmer I will feel more inclined to work out in Le Crafterie.

The 'odd socks' collection is growing.  I made a start on this one yesterday afternoon... The yarn is making me smile as I have no idea what colour will pop out next.  I am using a 'centre pull' on the ball of yarn and haven't a clue what will appear next.  I thought there might be a particular pattern appearing but not so far.  I will at some point make a start on the matching partner to each sock but don't hold your breath as I have loads more different balls of sock yarn to play with


  1. Looks great Cherie; odd socks are the in thing :-)

  2. Love the yarn. It's very pretty. I like to get them finished because I love wearing them.

  3. That looks amazing, the yarn is stunning.