Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Crafting morning

My friend Tripta's  granddaughter is visiting from Wales and has asked if she can come and craft with me.  Asha is twelve and very keen to learn new crafting techniques so I have organized for them to come today.  I have no idea which crafts she has in mind and it is such a pity that she doesn't live closer. I could teach her how to use all the tools in my vast armoury and she could decide whether she would like to put them on her Christmas/birthday list. Asha already makes cards for her local charity shop to sell so isn't a complete beginner. She was thrilled to bits when Tripta bought her a Bigshot and some dies for Christmas last year.  I think she is going to enjoy playing with the dies in my stash.


  1. The best gift ever, TIME to pass on your skills.

  2. Wonderful! And how nice that Asha makes cards to benefit the charity shop. She is clearly thinking beyond herself at a young age.