Saturday, 28 April 2018

Concrete planters and my Christmas Poinsettia.

I have been watching some great you tube videos lately and I am now planning on making some concrete planters for my garden so watch this space..  There is a bag of cement in the garage....... Tony is off to the footie tomorrow and I will have a whole afternoon to get up to all manner of creative mischief.. :-)
The scroll saw is getting plenty of use and I am learning how to cut properly with it.  Loads of projects in mind. this space.

My Christmas Poinsettia has me stunned this year.  It just goes from strength to strength and shows no sign of giving up.  I managed to keep the previous one until April but this is getting better with each passing week.  It must like the kitchen windowsill with its dappled light and cooler temperature. I will move it to a different spot in the warmer weather as the kitchen gets really hot when the sun shines into the house..


  1. Oh I love poinsettias but I can never make them last that long.

  2. I too am a fan of poinsettias but they never last long. Looking forward to seeing the planters.