Monday, 2 April 2018

Bits and pieces

 First bit....
Tony and I popped out to get a few things from the shops this morning. While we were out I bought some stretch denim jeggings from Pep and Co......  The jeggings cost me the huge sum of £5. I have several of these jeggings in my wardrobe.  They wash well and are so comfy for 'mooching around the house'...   When I got home I decided that a little bit of embroidery would enhance them nicely

Second bit
Yesterday I had a brain wave... poor Tony.  I persuaded him that our unused entrance hall would be the perfect place for the display cabinet and pretty chair..... So we moved them into the hall..... I had to wash all the china before I could put it back on display though so served me right for having a brain wave.It does look very nice though and still functions as the entrance hall if we should ever have visitors.

I made that little corner unit and the table just peeping into shot.

Third bit

Look at  this gorgeous drool worthy sock yarn.... I am loving knitting this pair and discovered a much neater way to pick up the heel stitches. You Tube is so useful

And finally,
Goody two shoes that I am... I had a lovely avocado salad for lunch. I am really seeing results in the shape of my body. This motivates me to ignore the 'crisps aisle' in the supermarket... They are my absolute weak spot and I am ignoring them when they shout to me...  :-)..


  1. You accomplished more in a day than I do in a week :)

    Lovely looking salad and socks, and I am so impressed with your corner stand and table. Your talents are wide-ranging.

  2. Gosh you have been busy Cherie :-)

  3. The jeggings look so cute with the embroidery.

    The entrance hall looks lovely....very bright and welcoming. I'd love a big hallway.

    Love the sock yarn. I like the idea of knitted socks but couldn't knit a pair if I

    Never tried avocado but that salad just looks so good that I may have to try some.

  4. Lovely idea to add the detail to the jeggings, really personalised them. Emmax