Friday, 2 March 2018

Roses with everything

The rose buds that I bought from the Chiswick Tea Company last week have really tickled my taste buds. I drank them as rose water,  I added them to my ordinary teabags and made a pot of tea..... absolutely yummy and I do this every morning now. Today I have added them to some ordinary commercial fruit squash and made a hot fruity floral drink.  It has really altered the taste of the fruit squash and given it a gentle floral taste.  I bet it will be lovely in the summer if I let it go cold and drink it over ice.
Just in case anyone thinks I am being paid to promote the company I most certainly aren't. I am just so pleased with the rose buds.


  1. I actually emailed the company and asked if they had any samples they could send me to try, and they were more than happy, if I like it then I can buy some. So try before you buy really.

  2. The color is gorgeous, too. They sound divine. Thanks for sharing.