Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Reviving old crafts

Now when I say 'old crafts'. In truth, to me it was a new one. Until a few months ago I had never heard of  'punch needle embroidery'.... Google it and take a look on you tube.
Anyway. I bought a set of the needles and last night I gave it a try.. Oh my tis addictive.... I may have said that once or twice before in the past. :-)  I am finding that the yarn I am using tends to shred in the needle after a while. I need to keep trimming the end and re threading. If anyone has tried this before and can suggest a non shredding yarn that I might try I would really appreciate it.   Here in all its glory is my very first attempt at it

Ta daaaaaaaaaa 

I have used a scrap piece of stretch denim but I do have some 'weavers cloth' to use once I have practised a little bit more. This craft would make perfect little rugs for doll houses. It is very textural and I have found it really easy to get away with


  1. Oh, that is very cool :-) I've never tried this.

  2. I had a go at this years ago but was very clumsy and kept stabbing my fingers. I'd forgotten just how pretty it looks.

  3. I have never done this so I'm just guessing, but is it possible that the stretch denim you're using for the base is the culprit in the yarn shredding? There may be too much resistance for the yarn on its way through the cloth. Now I have to go read up on this craft - it has a lovely miniature-hooked-rug effect.