Friday, 16 March 2018

My clever hubby

I knew men served some function..   :-)    They understand nuts and bolts. My clever hubby took one look at the the punch needle that kept slipping and fixed it.  He went into the garage and picked up his tin of useful cr*p that just might come in handy one day...He found the perfect size nut and washer and fixed the punch needle.  He even gave me a spanner so that I can tighten and unloosen the nut.  I can now adjust it to create different loop lengths... I do love that man... I now have four perfectly finctioning different sized punch needles... That should keep me out of mischief for a while........ now what shall I embellish :-)


  1. Not sure whether Tony wears jeans to work but, if he does, why not embellish hearts all over his jeans. That will be his reward for the great work he's done in making your punch needles function better. ;-)

    1. He's barmy enough to wear them if I did.

  2. Have to love a handy man! I'm chuckling over the comment by KnitYoga and your reply :)