Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Knitting socks again

While we were away, Tony bought some gorgeous sock yarn for me.  I have vowed not to knit myself a pair until I finish the pair that I started ages ago. They are for Tony and I am half way through the second sock. If you have never knit socks before, why not give it a try? I had read so many times about how difficult it is to turn the heel.  That is utter rubbish. Just follow the instructions to the letter and there should be no problems at all.
We are possibly heading up to Northumberland today.. I say possibly because it depends on what time Tony gets out of bed. We need to pop into town for a few things and then plan to set off. The weather looks ok so it should be a nice run out...Speaking of running.Tony bought me a pair of running shoes yesterday We are planing on giving the 'couch to 5k' challenge a try.  He also bought me some new walking boots while we were in Llandudno. I wonder if he is trying to kill me off.  :-)


  1. Can't have too many socks lol; enjoy the trip :-)

  2. Those socks are just beautiful. I love the yarn you've chosen. I have to concentrate very hard on the short row heel section, but hand knit socks are worth it!

  3. What a good husband, knowing what you like and going out and getting it!