Thursday, 22 March 2018

Just a few whitterings.

The flippin' insomnia is back, I woke every hour through the night and have been up since 06:20. I tried to stay in bed as long as I could in order to break the 'getting up too early' habit.
The weather is at long last, starting to feel a little warmer and today does looks like it might end up being a decent day. Yesterday I had a constant stream of visitors and we managed to get the burst pipe fixed. Tony asked the young lad at the carving club to repair it. Corey is just starting out as a self employed plumber and it was nice to be able to put a little job his way. Tony is not Mr DIY and gets a bit very shirty if I suggest that I do the job.  I probably should have just got on a repaired it myself while he was at work.  If I knew where the pipe cutter was I would have done. Oh well, at least it has been properly repaired and we don't have water dribbling all over the drive.
I am off to work soon so should really go and take himself a cuppa. He is giving me a lift in today so that means I don't need to catch the train. Lawd knows what he will get up to when I am out..  not much I should imagine, if he moves from the sofa I will be surprised. I have never known anyone need as much sleep. c .  :-)

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  1. Put Andy in a chair or on a sofa and he will be asleep in minutes.....and then complain when he can't sleep at night.
    Hope you manage to get back on track with your sleep.