Tuesday, 20 March 2018

It's a lovely Spring day

The sun is shining and it is really pleasantly warm out in the garden.  My goldfish are showing signs of moving around the pond.  I am always a little unsure how many will survive the winter so was really pleased to see that I have only lost one goldfish. I am not sure how many of the little black fish have survived.  I have only seen one so far but it is very early days yet.  I say little black fish as I am not sure whether they are young goldfish or fish that Tony brought in on a load of pond weed last year. I had spotted four of them so am hoping that they have all survived.  Time will tell.
It was lovely to feel the sun on my face at long last. I spent a good hour outside, dead heading and having a good tidy up.  There is going to be a lot of weeding to do in the coming weeks as the blimmin things seem to thrive in my damp heavy clay soil.

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  1. We spent time yesterday out dead heading and generally tidying up the garden, i hope all your fish have survived. x