Sunday, 11 March 2018

Healthy lifestyles

My friend Tripta and I have decided to motivate one another to adopt a really healthy lifestyle.  Yesterday we spent a while reassessing the things we eat and drink and drew up a shopping list as a reminder.  We aren't planning to stick to it slavishly and have allowed ourselves to have the occasional treat. We are aiming to reduce the amount of dairy and carbohydrates that we consume and plan to replace the milk with dairy alternatives such as almond/oat milk or similar alternatives.  Yesterday we gave it a trial run when Tripta came over to my  house and spent the day with me.  Tony had gone to the footie in Manchester and we had the whole day to ourselves.
Starting the morning with a good walk was easy as we do that twice each week anyway.  The decaf tea with almond milk will take a bit of getting used to but we plan to persevere for four weeks. Lunch was light and delicious. We had a huge prawn salad with avocado, lettuce, tomato and cucumber. I chopped up a small bunch of parsley and mint and scattered that over the salad. A light dressing of balsamic vinegar was all it needed to finish it off.  Tripta had brought a lovely box of fresh fruit over so we shared that as a dessert.
When Tony arrived back from footie I made us both a chicken/veg stir fry with egg noodles.. Today we are going shopping and I have a  little list of things that I don't normally stock.  If anyone wants too join us for four weeks you would be most welcome.  I would really appreciate any advice/recipes you can offer as we don't want to go around feeling half starved.

Delicious fresh berries for dessert

Tripta is enjoying her dessert
Lovely prawn salad


  1. Good afternoon Cherie, we are trying so hard to include more plant based food in our diet. We are doing brilliantly and I can certainly feel the difference. The filo pie I added to my blog is really nice. Instead of mascarpone you can blitz cashew nuts with a little almond milk and believe it or not this makes a lovely creamy sauce. We love it. Also I made a vegetarian shepherds pie which my family love.
    Best Wishes

  2. I eat less carbs now, too. I find it helps to get plenty of the good fats. I have some nuts in the morning, and an egg every other day. I also include pastured meats and free range chicken. I skip the pastries more often, but do enjoy them as a treat. Yesterday I made a cauliflower cheese, which was delicious and satisfying. The recipe is on my blog. I think it helps to still eat carbs, but just not as many...

    1. We bought Chia seeds, brown linseeds, pumpkin seeds and brown rice today. I felt healthy just looking at it. :-)

    2. I will take a look at your cauliflower cheese recipe as that is somethign I would really enjoy.

  3. A healthy lifestyle can change your life in so so many ways!