Friday, 16 March 2018

Hand made punch needle

I bought a cheap set of punch needles from ebay but the little screw doesn't tighten enough on the adjustable punch needle.  It keeps sliding and that would be a flippin nuisance if I am working on a project. The set  came with several needles.  I have just converted two old biros into holders for the needles.  They aren't adjustable but I really don't mind at all. I still have useable needles.  You can buy a set of four needles without the pen holder and they will only cost £1.20 or thereabouts.  They come from China and might take a little while to arrive but I feel it would be worth the wait. If you decide to make some yourself take care not to block the hollow tube of the needle with glue.
 Useful Stitching Punch Needle Punching Punch Needle Tool Kit For EmbroiderThe photo  on the top left of this post is the kit that I bought so you can see what a bargain it was.