Saturday, 17 March 2018

First frogspawn and a pretty pot of tea

Tony called me out into the garden last night. The pond had two big clusters of frog spawn.. the first of the year.  This morning there is another cluster.

And, what do you think of my tiny glass teapot.?   I love the rose bud tea that I bought a few weeks ago. Although I have a few nice teapots, I wanted a glass one so that I could watch the rose buds expand and unfurl.  I did a bit of research and ordered one from ebay. Postie tried to deliver it yesterday while I was out so we picked it up from the parcel place this morning. It is such a pretty little thing. The perfect size for a cup of tea.  I love the little flower teaspoons, they are such a sweet addition to the cup and saucer..... I do enjoy using pretty china.  Now I would like some tiny pink sugar cubes. If anyone knows where I can buy them from I would appreciate a link.


  1. The rose bud tea in its little glass teapot is so pretty - I have never heard of it before.
    I don't know about making sugar cubes pink, but it is possible to make granulated sugar pink.
    Some tips on how to do it here:-

  2. The teacups look lovely xxx

  3. Ooooh .. froggies :-D I hope you now don't get another snap of freezing weather !!!
    The tea pot and cup and super cute. I have a fabulous bone china set left to me by my mother but am afraid to get it out in case I break anything :-(
    I found all sorts of pink sugar here:

    1. Sue, use that pretty china. If you break a piece you have to simply say goodbye to it.(or add it to a mosaic) One day you won't be around any more and someone who doesn't love it will have it. They might smash it up to use as a mosaic. I won't let Tony touch my nice china as he is just too clumsy. I only use it when I am on my own for the day.