Friday, 2 March 2018

Burst pipe. OMG

I could hear the water running in the pipe but didn't have the faintest idea where it was going.  It wasn't in the cellar and so I started to panic like a headless chicken.  I rang Tony and he got me to check the outdoor tap....  We had a fabulous squirter spraying water all over the drive.  The pipe on the outdoor tap has burst.  I wasn't entirely sure how to switch the water off  (I do now)  so Tony headed home from work.  In the meantime I rang a plumber... lady on the other end of the phone said...'We don't have any vehicles on the road today'.. A plumber could come next week????  I rang our friend Elaine and asked if her husband was about..  Ken came over straight away bless him.  He switched off the water and showed me how to isolate the tap.... phew!!!!!!! I am still flapping inside but the relief  I now feel is enormous. I know that many women are really handy about the house but I know my limitations. I would love to sign up for some ''Useful Things To Know' courses.  They could explain all the little things that can go wrong but are easily rectified when you know how. Please make sure you know how to isolate a tap... it could save you from having a panic attack. We will be replacing the copper piping with plastic as soon as it is a bit warmer.  We will also make sure to isolate the outdoor tap every autumn... We don't water the garden after about September and can always turn it back on in the unlikely event that one of us should wash the car.


  1. Are you all sorted now Cherie?
    Hope so.

    1. Yes thanks Sheila. I was like a headless chicken for a while there. x

  2. You must be relieved to have it sorted. I usually switch off the outside tap sometime around October but have to check as someone often turns it back on to wash their bike! X

  3. Pouring water is guaranteed to make people run around like that!! At least it was outside, not in . . .

    Everything used to be copper pipe around here until the 70s or so, when people started switching to plastic. But it didn't work out very well (not sure why) so builders went back to copper. I don't know if it's something to do with our weather or something else. But copper is the "gold standard" here so you may want to double check that with a plumber.

  4. Oh dear, glad it was outside and not in though, our kitchen pipes been frozen for 3 days now, luckily we're in a bungalow and the bathroom working fine. Hope you are keeping warm. Emma