Thursday, 1 March 2018

Brrrrrrrrrr... Icicles

Oh blimey did the snow come down through the night. I have no idea how Tony can drive in it.  Our road isn't gritted and he has a struggle to get out of the street before he can get to one of the gritted roads. I really hope that employers are being sensible and realise that workers may well be  getting into work later than usual.  Thank their lucky stars that people are still managing to get into work at all.Tony set off before six this morning but I am lucky to be able to stay home this week.  I have the wood stove burning nicely.The kettle is on top and the fan is whirring well
The guest room really pulled together nicely yesterday and I am so pleased that I made the effort to get it done.  Tony and I slept in it last night as our bedroom is filled with all the things that I had to take out of both spare rooms.  I have all the 'putting away' to do today.  Moving rooms creates huge amounts of work and I am taking this opportunity to purge as I go.  Today it is the turn of my spare bedding.  I am sure that the women's refuge will put it to very good use. As soon as it is licked into shape later today I will share some photos.

Look at the icicles on Le Crafterie


  1. You folks are truly getting blasted. I heard you may get more yet - stay safe and warm.

  2. Our garden looks much the same. I have well and truly had enough of this now.

  3. Gorgeous photos and beautiful icicles. Emma