Monday, 26 February 2018

Wonky avocados fromMorrisons.

I am still on the avocado kick after discovering that I do in fact like them.. Love them actually... I bought a bag of 'wonky avocados' from Morrison's the other day. They cost a fraction of the price I would have paid if I had bought the 'perfect' ones. I had read a few negative  reviews about them so was a little concerned just in case they had been a waste of money. I have eaten four of the six so far and not one has been a duffer.
Fluffy floaty snow has been trying to fall but I wanted a blizzard.  It was pretty much forecast and I am disappointed.  While standing at the train station at 07.10 this morning a few fluffy bits floated down. I was hoping to see huge floaty feathers of snow. I shall keep my fingers crossed that we get some through the afternoon.
Quick update to say that I have just looked out of the window while typing this post and it is now snowing heavily. Not big fluffy feathers but it will do for now.


  1. We've had several heavy snow storms today but the flakes have been so tiny that they have melted almost as soon as they settled. We're supposed to get it heavier tomorrow.....and it flippin' well better turn up and be something worth

  2. I've never actually heard anybody wish for a blizzard before! But if we get one, I admit I don't mind as long as the power stays on :)