Sunday, 4 February 2018

Tony's socks

I finished knitting a pair of socks for myself only to discover that the feet felt very loose.  I snipped the toes open and pulled the yarn back to the start of the toe decrease. I added extra rows and made them into socks for the hubby.  I am a bit fed up as I have already knit one sock for him and made a start on the other.  It is annoying having small feet as I have difficulty finding shoes to fit.  I think I may have to stick to one particular brand of wool that I know knits up to a nice snug sock for myself.  I have some gorgeous balls of  Fabel Drops design yarn... They are going to make a lovely pair of socks for me.


  1. they do look soooo cosy.I have large feet a size 6,yours must be so dainty.xx

  2. I knit socks with drops yarn, every now and then Wool Warehouse has it on a very good offer. I may just have gone slightly overboard on my last visit to the sale.