Wednesday, 14 February 2018

I slept on the sofa last night

Yesterday I gave a talk at a group of the Yorkshire Country women's guild. I am always a little apprehensive when I visit somewhere new as I am never sure of the reaction.  Thankfully the ladies were fascinated with my display of  'craft made from rubbish'. When I finished talking I invited the ladies to come along and handle all the craft work in order that they might better see how it was made. One lady skyped her daughter and used her phone to film the entire display to show her daughter the things I had made.... I have never had anyone do that before.
When Tony and I left the venue we popped into Aldi's to buy a couple of steaks for tea tonight, it being Valentine's day today. Then we called into a local pub for tea.... I treated us both with some of my earnings. I should have had a voucher via email that would give us £5 off the bill... it came through several hours later when we got home.. Ho hum, never mind. We will have to go back another day and use it.

But my blog title today says that I slept on the sofa.  Tony's snoring was unbearable and the spare bed is covered in craft stuff following the talk so it was the sofa for me.  We had only said a few hours earlier that he hadn't snored for the previous two nights... We spoke too soon. The craft display will go back up in the loft and I can have the spare bed if the snoring is bad tonight.  Hardly a romantic way to spend Valentine's day but needs must...Later today when it is light I will share a photo of the beautiful roses that Tony bought for me.

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