Wednesday, 28 February 2018

I have swapped the two spare rooms over

Having said this morning that I might have a 'knitting by the fire' kind of day I got the urge.. You know the urge........The one that has you Spring cleaning from top to bottom or moving furniture around.  Well seeing as how the urge had struck it would have been a shame to waste it.  Heaven knows when it will strike again.  Both spare rooms have been swapped over and now all that is left is the tidying up. I think though that I have worked myself to a standstill now. The tidying will have to wait until tomorrow and I will show you how it looks.  The tiny bedroom isn't quite as small as I imagined it to be.  The small double has fitted in nicely and there was even room for a little bedside  cabinet.  Tony might have to cook tea tonight as I am absolutely knackered.
I had to smile when I sent him a photo of the new guest room....  He asked why I hadn't waited for him to help........  'Tony, love'  I got the urge and wanted the job done today not three months from now...   :-)


  1. You have been a busy bunny. Can’t say I have been as virtuous but more if Mooses jumper done, huge pan if potrage bubbling and am about to give Geraldine a good old clean out and oil😘

  2. I used to get those cleaning urges but it's been a long time since I had one - ha ha! Good for you for getting so much done and without a second pair of hands to help move the heavy stuff. You must be pleased; I know I would be!