Wednesday, 21 February 2018

His n' Hers

I smiled last night when I dished up tea.. there was definitely a his n' hers theme... I will leave you to guess who had what for tea last night

There is a token pile of avocado on there...
Simply dressed with a small teaspoon of mint sauce... Utterly delicious it was too


  1. I would be happy with either, but I would feel much better for eating your salad x

    1. Normally the thought of a good old 'fry up' would have me drooling. I am loving salads at the moment.. Not sure how long it will last but I have noticed small changes (for the better) in my shape.

  2. Oh how marvelous.... this made me smile so much :-D
    I would definitely eat either but I too am on a salad kick at the moment and I LUV mint sauce on it too hee hee xx