Thursday, 1 February 2018


I have reached the age in life where going to funerals isn't unusual. I have many dark jackets but I don't possess a dark coat... I really could have done with a nice warm dark coat today..... so I bit the bullet and ordered one.  It is a dark charcoal and very smart so if ever I need a nice smart coat it will come in handy for occasions other than funerals.  My friend Joan had a lovely service today and it was nice to see that she had so many friends that wanted to pay their last respects. Funerals are never going to be 'nice' occasions but it does give old friends with busy lives the chance of a good catchup.


  1. Mmm it’s certainly food for thought.

  2. I see a funeral as a time for celebrating the life of a person. Been to 3 recently and we were told to wear bright colours only. Made for uplifting ceremonies x

    1. I totally agree. I have no intention of having a funeral... But if I did would request bright colours