Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Fat or thin

All through the winter I have worn big fluffy jumpers.... and they make me look fat.  Yesterday I wore my lovely warm  'heatgen' thermal top from M and S.. It isn't one of those lacy vests that look like......... well they look like granny vests.  It just looks like a pretty top. It is lovely and warm and very slim fitting and for the first time in ages I actually looked normal size.... Today I am back in the big fluffy jumpers. It is far too early to shed my winter plumage so I will just have to look fat.... Are we allowed to say fat these days?... Should I perhaps have softened it up by saying cuddly? ... Nah! It's my blog


  1. LOL. I really can't stand all this political correctness. The latest I heard for fat was calorifically challenged. Anyway, I'm sure you're not fat. Everyone looks bigger in a jumper but warmth is more important in this weather. Brrrrr. x

    1. It is blimmin freezing but I keep telling myself that spring is only a blink away

  2. Fat or thin, it is warm and comfy that counts.