Sunday, 25 February 2018

Another funeral

Last night Tony and I went to our usual local ceilidh. We didn't sit out a single dance and had a thoroughly great evening. When we got home we had a call from Tony's cousin asking that Tony ring him back.  It turned out to be another bad news call. My new 'funeral coat' will get a wearing sooner than I had expected.

On a more cheerful note, what have you been up to so far this weekend? We spent a good two hours collecting logs yesterday.  The weather forecast had said that it would be cold... it was wrong. We had a glorious, blue sky and sunshine kind of day. Perfect for 'logging'.  I think we may well have already gathered at least two thirds of the wood we will need for next winter.  That isn't a bad haul when you consider that it is only February. Today I am once again a football widow. Tony has headed off to Manchester to watch the match.  I have a yen to give the house a thorough clean from top to bottom.  This feeling doesn't swamp me very often so I will make the most of it and see how far I get. The conservatory could certainly use a blimmin good tidy up. We have been painting furniture and the floor is littered with the newspaper that we have stood it on to dry. Now that the sun is starting to warm the conservatory up it is a lovely place to sit and look out at the garden. Or should I say, it will be a lovely place to sit once I have tidied it all up in there.  


  1. Oh Cherie...I am so sorry.

    My weekend so far....buying furniture, building furniture and arranging my new living room. Food shopping, tea cooking and collapsing onto the new sofa at about 8pm last night.
    Today I have tidied my sewing room, made the onion sauce for lunch as I won't let Andy make it.
    I've just finished the neck cushion for Andy's new chair and am just about to start on a padded mat for Smudge dog.
    Have a wonderful Sunday.

  2. I'm sorry to hear you'll have another funeral to attend. Some times it feels there is just one after another, doesn't it?