Monday, 8 January 2018

Well that wasn't a very good idea

This morning in a fit of madness I decided to turn the small bedroom into a proper craft room.  That would leave the big bedroom with a lot more room for guests.  Well, after moving as much as I could into the front bedroom I dismantled the storage unit.   Then I went through to the small bedroom and began to move the huge wooden blanket box into the other bedroom.  I hauled it this way, pushed it that way,  cursed it and swore at it.  Then I admitted defeat. There was no way that the box would go through the door of the other bedroom. I have had to put everything back to where it started. What a complete waste of a day but at least I ruthlessly assessed all my craft stash and have had a bit of a chuck out. The chuck out will continue tomorrow..... I think any crafters will quite enjoy the local charity shops this weekend as a lot of my stash is heading there.


  1. How frustrating for you Cherie.

  2. Oh, no, I feel for you! How frustrating!

  3. Just look at it as a good fitness work out! lol So frustrating when we have a sudden idea and find it doesn't work as we hoped it would. Emma