Friday, 12 January 2018


On Wednesday I went out with my friends for our usual girls night out.  Every month we get together and go to one of the local pubs for tea and a good natter.  One of my friends had a code from 'Vouchercloud'. It gave her 40% off the entire bill so we each had a beautifully cooked steak for less than £6 each.  To add to the bargain cost I discovered that my usual blackcurrant and soda only cost 40p in this particular pub.  Many pubs charge £1.60 and it really bugs me that they can ask that much for a soft drink.
I have downloaded the vouchercloud app to my phone and as  I don't finish work until five today we are planning on heading straight to the pub for tea.  Perhaps I ought to check out any other voucher code apps as the savings can be worthwhile. It also means that we can have a meal out now then without breaking the bank.


  1. Do you read Marlene's blog ? She is the queen of money saving apps and is always able to find a voucher for something either with a good discount or for free.
    I personally don't have a phone and have no intention of ever getting one so unfortunately I am totally

    £1.60 for a glass of fizzy water and a bit of squash.....that is daylight robbery.
    Enjoy your tea out tonight. It's so nice to have a treat.

    1. Hi Sheila. I do read Marlenes blog but will go back and take a look at some of her earlier posts to see what I can learn about vouchers