Saturday, 6 January 2018

The tapestry

I am currently working on a tapestry that was given to me by my friend Anona.  We were staying at her house last year when she offered me two tapestry canvases and all the yarn to complete them. I have one of them pinned onto the most useful padded holder...also from Anona....  I do love that lady  :-)   Last night I settled down on the sofa with needle and yarn and have begun to fill in the sky.  It got me thinking about my 'completed projects' stash.  Somewhere in a drawer I have a lovely tapestry that I stitched more than twenty years ago.  I now plan to make it into a cushion and have it in the sitting room. Far better to use it than for it to never see the light of day.

My current project


  1. How lovely. It's years since I made a tapestry!

  2. Its looking wonderful, you must have alot of patience. Emma