Thursday, 11 January 2018

Mustn't grumble

Good morning bloggies.  I am off to work this morning at the local university. It is exam week and I will be invigilating.  I don't need to be there until 8.55 but because of public transport times I need to get the train at 7.20.  The train journey takes 12 minutes and costs £2.05 for a return ticket with my rail card. The next train isn't until 8.30 and I would struggle to get to the uni in time. If the train came at 8.20 I would be fine. Mustn't grumble though because if I caught the bus it would take at least 45 minutes as I would have the dreaded 'Marton Crawl'  to fight my way through. The bus journey costs £4.60 for a return ticket and would take an hour on the return journey due to volume of traffic.   Annoyingly the trains are on strike tomorrow so I will be bussing it...:-( 

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