Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Mint tea

I am sure that I have mentioned several times that I am trying to cut back on the amount of tea that I get through in one day.  Well this flippin flu bug has knocked me for six to the point that even drinking a cup of tea makes me feel sick.  I obviously need to keep up my fluid intake but fruit juice is too sickly or bitter... The same glass of juice at different times of the day. I have no idea what is going on with my taste buds. This morning I have made myself a pot of weak mint tea with some fresh mint. I can't in truth say that I am enjoying it but I will persevere until I have drunk the potful.  Then I will try ginger and lemon. I have plenty of fresh ginger. At least I am sleeping quite well... most of the day and all night. 
I cooked a huge chicken yesterday and we had some for tea with steamed veg.... I couldn't manage much of a portion but I thoroughly enjoyed what I ate. There is plenty left for the next few days so we are unlikely to starve  :-) 


  1. Hopefully the mint will help to settle your stomach and the ginger and lemon will be warming and soothing. Chicken soup made with proper chicken stock is my go to pick me up food when I am bug stricken.

  2. I'm sure the ginger and lemon will go down much better Cherie.
    Keep your chin up.