Wednesday, 31 January 2018


I am so pleased that I joined the new craft group on Monday. It has restarted my 'sock knitting' passion.  They are so satisfying to make and will come in very useful. I have no intention of making two socks the same as I would get really bored and this way it doesn't really matter if one is a little longer/shorter than the other.  I finished one sock yesterday and made a good start on sock number two. Had it not been my wood carving club night I would have finished the second sock. Speaking of wood carving. I have made a start on a new piece of work and last night I got on really well roughing it out.  Nothing much to show yet but as soon as it starts to look interesting I will share a photo or two.

Testing the foot length

Same wool but two different patterns


  1. Your socks look fab. I always envy people that can knit fast as I am the ultimate go slow knitter, snail pace 😉 xx

  2. Love the socks, I use long circulars and magic loop but one of these days I must bite the bullet and try dpns.