Wednesday, 3 January 2018

It feels like a Chinese Laundry today

I have been a busy little housewife today. I started the morning by blitzing both bathrooms. Then stripped the Christmas bedding from our bed and washed and dried it all before putting it away. Then I did the Christmas bath mats and door mats.... yes we do have them too..  :-) Next came the towels and then to finish off the laundry session I emptied the general household laundry basket and washed everything that was in there. 
Empty boxes are now stashed in the hall ready for me to start filling with Christmas decorations. I will be glad when it is all put away tidy as I am getting a bit fed up with it hanging around the house.  I know that Christmas isn't officially over until 6th of December but in truth it feels like a distant memory now.
I didn't get out for a walk today as I have been so busy doing the laundry and generally tidying up that I probably did as much exercise as anyone would have done in a gym workout.  I did make myself go out in the rain and walk yesterday and by bedtime I had clocked up nearly three and a half miles.  Hopefully I will get out for a walk tomorrow before it turns nasty.

1 comment:

  1. I'm ready for ours to go away now too.
    I'll miss the lights though.