Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Dismantling Christmas

Tony has gone back to work today and the house feels very quiet without him around..  It feels as though he has been off forever.   The dismantling of Christmas continues and even though I don't feel unwell I am burning up...  I keep going out into the conservatory to cool down as even though I don't have any heating turned on the house still feels very warm. It could just be that climbing on and off the chair is creating a lot of heat... rather like a good workout. This isn't a bad things as I am absolutely determined to lose a stone this year.  I don't expect it to drop off me overnight but I fully intend to exercise and walk a lot more in the coming months.
The sitting room looks like an explosion happened in a Christmas decorations factory. It is full to the brim with swags and decorations, all in piles around the room. I will need Tony to bring the boxes down out of the loft in order to put everything away. That will have to wait for tomorrow as we are going out tonight. 

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