Sunday, 28 January 2018

A lovely day today

The weather was so warm and mild today that I felt like getting out into the garden. I managed to dismantle the arch that had been blown down in the wind. It wasn't worth saving as the tubular steel had bent in several places.  The arch only cost a fiver at a garden sale last year and in truth was considerably bigger than we expected it to be so although we probably could have repaired it we didn't bother. This means that at some point this year we will need to buy a couple of obelisks to grow the winter clematis up.  A quick visit to the garden centre today and I came home with a 'Sarcococca.. (Chritsmas Box). It is a plant that I have wanted for a very long tme as I had read that the fragrance is knockout.  We were wandering around the garden centre when suddenly we smelt the most lovely fragrance.  We traced it to the Sarcococca and of course bought one.  The scent was so intense in the car that I was actually glad to get home and lift it out. It will make a nice small bush with a fabulous fragrance at this time of year.  I think I am allowed to spend £6.99 now and then.  :-)

This is a photo of the Sarcococca that I lifted from the internet.  The flowers are little spidery things but the scent is incredible

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