Friday, 29 December 2017

Candied cranberries

Flippin eck tis cold.....  The garden has a thick crust of frost and the paths look treacherous. Guess who is definitely staying home today.

As usual I was up before the birds so have already made a start on a batch of candied cranberries.  They are currently soaking in a vanilla sugar syrup and tomorrow they will be tossed in some vanilla sugar before being left to dry.   I did consider candying some orange peel but seeing as how I am hoping to lose a stone in 2018 I thought better of it. I can justify the candied cranberries as I want to make a really lovely supper for the New Years Eve ceildih. Tony is going to the footie tomorrow so I have plans to cook a  big ham. We have bought some gorgeous smoked salmon and cream cheese to make into little nibbles and I am hoping to have a tasty but fairly healthy spread to take along. I have some little santa hats to pop on top of my fizzy water... yes, I drink fizzy water at the celidh. It is so nice not to feel pressured into having alcohol. Many years ago I went to a New Years Eve party and asked for a soft drink. This was met with snorts of derision and an insistance that I had a 'proper drink'. I didn't know the hosts and was a lot less confident back then. I am ashamed to say that I meekly drank what was handed to me... Nowadays I would flatly refuse alcohol if I didn't want to drink it. I am baffled as to why people feel that alcohol is a 'proper drink'.  I was told that it helps you relax and get into the party spirit. Crikey, if I need alcohol to help me relax among friends then I need a new set of friends.

The cranberries have soaked up some of the syrup and really plumped up beautifully. They look like little jewels

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  1. Don't those cranberries look delicious?

    Cold here today too quite windy but at least it's dry now after a wet start.