Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Sorting the craft room and a few decisions

I made a start this morning and am surprised how many things I found that I had completely forgotten about.  Some of them have never been used other than a quick experiment when they were first bought.  I rediscovered my light box and it will be put to very good use when it comes to make envelopes. Although I love using my big shot to emboss things the light box is much more useful as I can emboss exactly where I want to on the paper.  I plan to buy a roll of decent quality wrapping paper and make some really pretty envelopes with it.
As for the few decisions....  In my stash I have loads of packs of cheap card.  I bought it thinking that it would be really good for card making but in truth it is way too thin and flimsy. It will be okay for cutting embellishments but I am no longer buying multi packs of cheap card.  I do miss the The Paper Mill as I used to be able to choose the card that I wanted. I also found a load of little scraps of paper and card..... why on earth am I storing scraps when I have tons of card... I chucked it all out.

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