Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

My Birthday Flowers

I have had quite a busy day today.  I started off with a really ruthless sort out in my wardrobe... Everything in there fits me now. Anything that doesn't has either been donated to charity or put in a box until I lose a couple of pounds.
When I had finished sorting my wardrobe I took another look at my kitchen.  I can't do anything in there really until the flood damage is sorted.  I put away a load of mugs and threw out my old teapot as I had this lovely set in a cabinet.  I have been reluctant to use it as Tony is really clumsy and frequently breaks stuff. I  decided that I would far rather we use it and suffer the breakages.  It would be such a waste if we dont.  When we pop our clogs, Alexander is sure to just bin it all as it won't appeal to his taste. Poor kid will have enough to sort out with all my craft stash..

He starts his new job tomorrow so won't be able to come over at the weekend... This afternoon he called in with a card and some flowers for my birthday. It was such a surprise and I am tickled pink as he has already paid for a load of dies for my Bigshot. I can't wait until they arrive so I can have a play with them


  1. Beautiful flowers, you lucky lady.
    I'm definitely in agreement of using things rather than keeping for best or special ocassions. X

  2. Happy Birthday - you're doing the right thing - use your tea service and enjoy it - your flowers are beautiful xx

  3. Good evening Cherie, Firstly, happy birthday to you I hope you had a wonderful day.
    I have just been catching up with your blog and was sorry to hear that you had a flood in your home and then to discover you had chest pains. My word you have been through the mill since I have been away from blogging.
    I do hope things are sorting themselves out and that life is returning to normal.
    I love your tea set, it is so pretty. I agree with you, its better to use the tea set and enjoy it, rather than tucking it away in a cupboard. I stopped keeping things for best a few years ago and I love using my treasures.
    Best Wishes

  4. Happy Birthday. I agree with the other comments that it's better to use and enjoy things than have them tucked away in a cupboard. Hope you have a great day.

  5. Super flowers and such a lovely tea/coffee set. I totally adore poppies so this is really right up my alley :-D Happy Birthday xxxx