Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my blog

Sunday, 13 August 2017

It's footie season again

I have had a really relaxing day today. It is the start of the football season so Tony went off to Manchester to watch the match. I made sure that he had a proper cooked breakfast in bed, complete with obligatory cup of tea and packed up some roast beef sandwiches for him to eat when he got there.  When he had driven off I sat for an hour in the sun reading Alan Titchmarsh's autobiography. It was lovely and warm and after all the rain that fell yesterday I bet the garden loved it.  My neighbour Joan came over for a natter and we sat on the garden seat and had a good old chinwag. After Joan left I read for a bit longer and then made myself a tasty salmon and cucumber sandwich for lunch. A quick phone call from another friend inviting me for a drive out was a lovely surprise. We couldn't decide where we fancied going so ended up at Redcar. The beach was quite busy and we had a good walk along the sand. I love the salty fragrance that  you get at the seaside.  It feels as though the air is scrubbed clean across hundreds of mile of ocean. It was lovely to be out in the fresh air as I will be working all week.
Hopefully we will soon have some news of a start date for the kitchen repair. The damp smell is really horrible and the green mould is spreading like a furry carpet. It really can't be hygienic to cook in this mess. 

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